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Artois Hound Breed of Dog

This is one of the rarest breed of dogs available. Initially named Picard, the Artois Hound breed of dog is native to France where it was traditionally kept as a hunting dog. The dog has unique hunting skills; searching for and driving game toward its master for a quick kill. It is particularly very efficient in searching for hidden game and will always flash out game that other breed of dogs will not find. It is still very popular as a hunting dog both in France and in some countries where the breed can still be found.

The Artois Hound is a well-built dog that has a graceful gait when walking. It can weigh as much as 70 pounds and stand at a height of 25 inches. It has a large but very strong head. It is of medium length that is a show of energy and strength. The tail is long and curved. Its ears are at eye level, something that has been attributed to its hunting efficiency. The eyes are characteristically large.

What perhaps sets the Artois Hound apart from other hunting digs are its unique hunting skills and capabilities. The dog has a deep sense of smell that enables it to know where a prey hides. Its bravery is very unique; confronting game that outweighs it in size. It has a very high pitched voice that alerts its master of a prey it has killed far away.

Due to its high energy levels, the Artois Hound does not like staying idle. It requires lots of space where it can indulge in varied activities. It is not particularly useful as a companion dog at home but rather as a companion dog when going out for exercises. The fact that the dog has a deep sense of smell requires that its movements be monitored all the time as it can easily get away and follow a direction of a scent it picks. It is generally a health dog with very minimal health challenges. It can however only live to attain the age of 13 years before dying of old age.