Treat Your Dog

Dogs don’t become aggressive for no reason. There are very many things that influence a dog’s behavior, and it all comes down to how well you treat it, and overall good relationships between members of your family and your dog. Remember that these are intelligent creatures capable of picking up on emotional cues such as anger and joy, and they tend to respond depending on how they think you are feeling. Dogs are generally loyal, and they are useful as any pet you can have around the house.

Respect your dog

You can’t understand your dog if you don’t understand the fact that these are instinctive creatures, and at the end of the day, despite how much training they undergo, they will still follow their instincts, despite their better judgment. The best you can do is to treat your dog as a member of the family, walk it every so often, ensure that it is fed properly and take care of the basics, like not letting your kids beat or hit it with sticks or other objects. These few details may be the difference between having a loyal dog, and having one that decides to retaliate and bite you in the rear.

Why dogs are valuable companions

Guide dog, for example, are some of the disciplined, well trained animals on the planet, and they have been useful to blind people for decades. No other animal has been able to successfully integrate into the human population and provide the kind of companionship that dogs offer.

Lastly, there is extensive research supporting the fact that dogs are smart, and they actually understand what you say, with a threshold of up to 200 words. This means that although your dog may not understand the principle of guilt, it will understand rebuke as well as reward. Having a well behaved dog depends solely on how you treat it