Choosing Small Dog Breeds

If you are toying around with the possibility of getting small dogs, you will come across different types of breeds to choose from. Not all of them are suited for your personality and needs and for this reason, it is essential to take a couple of factors into consideration.

Where you live

While certain dog breeds are small, they require a lot of exercise as compared to others. Individuals staying in apartments therefore should look for breeds that require the minimal amount of exercise. For instance, Chihuahuas and Terriers are the perfect choice if you stay in an apartment. On the other hand, those who live in places that have yards can get small dogs that love to run around and play. Consequently, you can settle for the larger but small dogs such as the Pug and Toy Fox Terrier. If you are not certain about the kind of dog to get in accordance to where you live, it is advisable to seek help before you make your final decision.

Do you love Grooming?

Small dogs have different types of coats. There are those with flowing long coats such as the Maltese and Shih Tzu. These breeds need to be groomed regularly while others have wire haired or rough coats that need professional grooming. Still there are others that have short and easy to manage coats. It is for this reason that you need to carry out thorough research before you decide on the kind of breed to settle with.


This is one of the most crucial things you need to remember when choosing small dogs. There are some like the Chihuahua which have a feisty and bold temperament while others such as the Pug are clownish and sweet. Others like the Havanese are outgoing and sweet. Choose a small dog with a temperament that matches up to your personal preferences.

In simple terms, when selecting small dog breeds, you should consider your own lifestyle and settle with an option that fits the same. Ask yourself questions hard questions on how you will take care of the dog before you make your investment.