Teaching your Labrador Cool Tricks

After two years of constantly training my Labrador Retriever, I have definitely learned a thing or two about how you should conduct your Labrador Retriever training, and the best ways to go around doing it. Dog training is not always as hard as it may first seem if you do everything properly, and correctly.

The Labrador retriever is a very popular dog in America, commonly adored for its friendly demeanor and its playful nature. But labs do need to be trained early to avoid the development of bad habits that could be a problem to deal with once they achieved their adult size. To make the process easier, you should research beforehand on how to train.

Labradors that are trained early could be taught to follow you. You need to establish that you are the leader and not him. You also need to restrain yourself from allowing acts that you won’t allow older dogs to do. A 15 pound lab chasing you around and biting your ankles might seem cute but wait a few months and that 80 pound ball of meat bumping into you at full speed and nipping at your ankles won’t seem to be very cute at all. The following are tips on how to train a Labrador.

Before you start there are a few specifics that you need about how to train. Labradors are easily confused when you switch signals. So do yourself a favor and stay with verbal commands at first. Experts on how to train Labradors also suggests that using the same word for every command aids greatly to the training process.

Here are a couple of tricks that you could follow and will serve as a guideline on how to train.

Labradors can be taught how to sit by holding a doggie treat above his head. Then while slowly bringing the treat to his nose tell him to sit. Then slowly bring the food over his head, he will slowly sit as he tries to raise his head. Once he is fully in a sitting position give him the treat. Repeat the procedure a couple of times so that he associates the command to the action. Repetition is the key in learning how to train a Labrador.

Here’s another one that you can teach your lab after he learns to sit. Tell your lab to sit. Then hold a treat in your hand and bring it to your labs nose. Say down while bringing the treat down to the middle of his paws. Once he follows you and gets down on the floor, give him the treat. This is also another key secret in learning how to train a Labrador; tricks are better thought in certain chains, imagine training your lab to go down without it knowing how to sit.

Learning how to train Labradors can sometimes be frustrating. But it is advantageous and easier if you already know how to train. Labradors do make great pets, especially if they have great owners.