Ingredients in Dog Food to Avoid

If you own a pet, you are responsible for its well-being so must prioritise its health. A pet is a part of your family, this is even more so when looking at their diet. For dogs, low-quality food doesn’t exist and they will probably eat anything that you put in front of them.

This can be an issue if they are being fed with food that contains poor ingredients or insufficient nutritional content as this can put their health at risk. This is why, as a dog owner, you are responsible for providing your pet with quality nutrition. A diet is, of course, important such as the Purina DRM diet which can be greatly beneficial to your dog. Of course, knowing those all-important ingredients will also help enormously. Here are some foods that you should avoid presenting to your dog.

You should bear in mind that not everything that is suitable for humans is suitable for your dog. Some foods that are not harmful to others can be lethal to your pet. Don’t ever give caffeine or chocolate to your canine friends as they are 100 per cent lethal to dogs. Ingesting either of these can bring on heart problems, seizures, irregular urination, excessive panting, diarrhoea, vomiting and even death, as a worst case scenario. The effects are dependent upon the amount consumed. Dark chocolate is particularly dangerous. The Purina JM diet is another diet that can help to improve the health of your dog to accompany avoiding dangerous ingredients.

Don’t buy any brands where fillers are included in the ingredients. These are typically found in poor quality dog food, they lack taste and can be unfit for consumption, even by dogs. Examples are weeds, corn ingredients, crushed peanut shells and cottonseed hulls. Fillers are designed purely to make a dog feel full but without any nutritional value. This helps manufacturers of pet food to keep costs down.

Avoid brands without specific meat ingredient source. Examples of quality meat ingredients are those specifically identified such as lamb meal, chicken meal etc. Meat ingredients that are non-specific are not ideal as the source of the meat can’t be trusted. They could even be from rotten sources. Meat ingredients that are non-specific are mainly included in poor quality brand of dog food.

Don’t feed your pet dog foods with meat by-products. They don’t actually contain meat and the ingredients are typically derived from left-over meat removed from a bone. Usually, this goes with a mix of internal organs, hoofs, feat and heads and so on. It is again, a way for the manufacturer to reduce on cost by implementing an inexpensive method of increasing protein content.

We are aware of what our dog eats so are therefore responsible for providing them with healthy and safe food in order to ensure good health. Avoiding the aforementioned ingredients and giving him a diet such as the Purina CN, you will be doing everything that you can.