The English Mastiff

The British Mastiff is native to United Kingdom and is widely known as one of the dogs that played a very critical role during both World War I and II wars. It was largely used as a carrier, messenger and attack dog. It played the very important role in standing guard over dead bodies, protecting the same from enemy troops. Some solders returning from war took some of the dogs away to their countries. This is how the dog ended up in the US and Canada.

The British Mastiff is a large dog with a massive body. The head is also big and appears to be squared. It stands at 30 inches in height and can weigh as much as 250 pounds. You will find this dog in varied colors including apricot-fawn, fawn, dark fawn and silver-fawn. Although a very powerful dog, the British Mastiff is both gentle and loyal to its owner. It is however not suitable for urban life due to its massive size. It is best suited for keeping in the countryside.

The fact that the dog is massively built does not make it necessary to regularly take it out on running exercises. Doing so can easily lead to injuries. Light exercises at home will do. Regular light exercises are mandatory to prevent laziness and slothful behavior. It not only requires a special diet but also a soft and comfortable sleeping area. This prevents occurrence of specific diseases including arthritis and hygroma.

Like with other large breed of dogs, the British Mastiff is highly susceptible to various diseases and health conditions. Such include hip dysplasia, obesity, cancer, allergies, gastric torsion and retinol atrophy amongst many others. Dog experts actually advice buyers to get puppies tested for various hereditary health conditions before purchasing any.