Removing a Thorn

Dogs like most other outdoor animals are susceptible to thorn, sticks and nail stabs on their paws. The pain is as real albeit the dog might try to keep strong. The first sign you will notice is of course a limping. Depending on the size of the thorn or extent and point of penetration on the paw, the dog will express pain differently. In extreme cases, the canine won’t manage to walk on that foot and will be seen hoping on threes.

The first option you have is to try and remove the thorn at home. If not that, you can take the pet to the nearby vet. You need to know at what point you cannot handle the task and refer it to the vet for instance when the thorn is too deep in to the skin or when it’s so painful and quite apparent that the canine does not want anyone touching the paw.

In most cases though, the dog will also be willing to sit still as you try to remove the foreign object. Ask a friend to hold her as you examine the paw. Use a torch to try and see the extent of penetration and the general condition of the paw. Wipe the paw gently with a moist swab. In as much as the pet is also willing that the pain is removed, the word gentle here cannot be overemphasized.

If you notice that thorn stub is protruding the skin, use clean tweezers to pull the thorn out. Ensure that you first get a tight grip without exerting pressure on the paw. Pull out quickly. Pulling out fast will be quite painful for the pet, but it’s helpful.

But incase you are unable to remove the thorn; it is advisable you take the pet to the vet. Some surgical removal, antiseptic and bandage might be necessary.

How to Train Your Dog

Knowing how to train your dog is important because it helps you to teach your dog different things. You need to train your dog on how to relate with other pets and humans. The task of training dogs is not always easy. Do not expect it to succeed overnight. Sometimes you will experience accidents when training your dog. Find ways to avoid these accidents. You can achieve this by choosing the best place to train your dog. Ensure that there are no items lying around. Such items are likely to make the training difficult for you and your dog. They might even hurt your dog pretty badly. It is also normal to find your dog trying to mark its boundaries in the house. When she does this, it is important that you respect that territory. It will help to avoid any aggravation.

When you are training your dog, it is important to learn to understand the dog’s body expressions. You can know when your dog is happy and angry by reading her body language. By understanding these signs, it will be quite easy for you to relate with the dog more effectively. It is also important to handle your dog with care. Just like humans, dogs love to be cared for. This helps you to improve your relationship with the dog.

Dogs should never be manhandled after they do something wrong as this only creates panic and as a result, leads to serious rift between the two of you. Always give your dog a treat by taking her out for a leisurely walk. It is the best way to make her happy. You will be surprised at how this will help to improve your relationship. Finding time to train your dog is a great way to show that you care about her.

Treat Your Dog

Dogs don’t become aggressive for no reason. There are very many things that influence a dog’s behavior, and it all comes down to how well you treat it, and overall good relationships between members of your family and your dog. Remember that these are intelligent creatures capable of picking up on emotional cues such as anger and joy, and they tend to respond depending on how they think you are feeling. Dogs are generally loyal, and they are useful as any pet you can have around the house.

Respect your dog

You can’t understand your dog if you don’t understand the fact that these are instinctive creatures, and at the end of the day, despite how much training they undergo, they will still follow their instincts, despite their better judgment. The best you can do is to treat your dog as a member of the family, walk it every so often, ensure that it is fed properly and take care of the basics, like not letting your kids beat or hit it with sticks or other objects. These few details may be the difference between having a loyal dog, and having one that decides to retaliate and bite you in the rear.

Why dogs are valuable companions

Guide dog, for example, are some of the disciplined, well trained animals on the planet, and they have been useful to blind people for decades. No other animal has been able to successfully integrate into the human population and provide the kind of companionship that dogs offer.

Lastly, there is extensive research supporting the fact that dogs are smart, and they actually understand what you say, with a threshold of up to 200 words. This means that although your dog may not understand the principle of guilt, it will understand rebuke as well as reward. Having a well behaved dog depends solely on how you treat it

Keeping a Good Dog

Many people find keeping a dog as a source of fun. However, they do not consider the responsibility that comes with it. Just like other pets, dogs need care to remain healthy and happy. If this pet is kept in a home where it is not being taken care proper of, it might stray or become aggressive towards the owner and members of its family. As such, to ensure that this pet is always happy and obedient to the owner it has to be shown care and affection.

Basically, keeping a dog is a responsibility. You have to ensure that it is always fed properly, groomed and shown care and affection. To be healthy, you need to feed your pet on quality and clean food. When you buy a puppy, it is crucial that you take it to a vet for examination before starting feeding it on any food. This will ensure that its health is examined and that you are given a prescription of the right food to give your pet. By feeding your pet on the right quality food, you will ensure that it is growing quickly, healthy and that it always shows love and affection towards those around it.

You also need to train your pet. Just like other animals, dogs need someone to show them how to behave in certain situations. You have to show it that you are the boss and it should always obey your orders. If you leave it untrained, this pet will eventually become aggressive even towards members of your family. Dealing with it will also become difficult and you will end up being forced to restrain it. This will interfere with how it relate with you and other family members. To avoid this, you have to train your dog during its early stages in life so that it can always behave in the right manner.

Choosing Small Dog Breeds

If you are toying around with the possibility of getting small dogs, you will come across different types of breeds to choose from. Not all of them are suited for your personality and needs and for this reason, it is essential to take a couple of factors into consideration.

Where you live

While certain dog breeds are small, they require a lot of exercise as compared to others. Individuals staying in apartments therefore should look for breeds that require the minimal amount of exercise. For instance, Chihuahuas and Terriers are the perfect choice if you stay in an apartment. On the other hand, those who live in places that have yards can get small dogs that love to run around and play. Consequently, you can settle for the larger but small dogs such as the Pug and Toy Fox Terrier. If you are not certain about the kind of dog to get in accordance to where you live, it is advisable to seek help before you make your final decision.

Do you love Grooming?

Small dogs have different types of coats. There are those with flowing long coats such as the Maltese and Shih Tzu. These breeds need to be groomed regularly while others have wire haired or rough coats that need professional grooming. Still there are others that have short and easy to manage coats. It is for this reason that you need to carry out thorough research before you decide on the kind of breed to settle with.


This is one of the most crucial things you need to remember when choosing small dogs. There are some like the Chihuahua which have a feisty and bold temperament while others such as the Pug are clownish and sweet. Others like the Havanese are outgoing and sweet. Choose a small dog with a temperament that matches up to your personal preferences.

In simple terms, when selecting small dog breeds, you should consider your own lifestyle and settle with an option that fits the same. Ask yourself questions hard questions on how you will take care of the dog before you make your investment.

Pet dogs are the best

Dogs, also know as man’s best friend, are the best pets. They are humble and royal to their owners. However, when it comes to protection, they can become aggressive and over protective in their territory. Dogs are the best pets around. When you train your dog, you expose it to good skills that will later profit you. For instance, if you want your pet dog to generate you income, you can train it to do tricks. There are several industries globally that will pay you good money just to watch your dog perform. Dog training is not expensive. There are many professionals who know how to manage this career well. It doesn’t take much time. If you can invest reasonable capital and time for your dog to get this training, in less than 4 months, you should be anticipating getting good results.

However, if you want your dog to protect your territory, you can give it alternative dog training. Dogs that are trained to serve for protection purposes tend to be very aggressive. In most instances, they are only handled by their owners. This training does not take long. The trainers usually recommend that you take your pet for the training while it is still a puppy. You know how hard it is to train an old dog new tricks. If you give your dog the security training while it is still a puppy, a guarantee is offered that the dog will grow up being very tough and bold.

Once your dog is through with the training, it is advisable to isolate it from the public. This is done for security purpose especially if you trust few individuals. By isolating it, it will serve you best by alarming you in every instance that a stranger walks in your home. Dogs that are locked away from the public are very aggressive and serve best for security purposes.